About Bousquet PICTURES

BOUSQUET PICTURES (pronounced Boo-skay) is Devin Bousquet and team. A filmmaker, director of photography, and editor, Devin started out in 2002 as a Martin Agency editor who quickly moved to DP and Director positions. After Martin, he worked in Chicago and LA cutting, TV commercials, movie trailers, and more all while expanding his shooting and directing skills. Devin was wooed back to Richmond by Martin Agency's premier production and editing house "Running With Scissors" as their Senior Editor prior to launching Bousquet Pictures.

PRODUCTION: Bousquet Pictures is a flexible modern production company, anchored by owner Devin Bousquet who DPs the projects and can add directing services if needed. Additionally a producer and crew members are added on a per job basis to fit the concept and budget.

POST-PRODUCTION: Devin Bousquet has been editing national TV spots and other short form work since 2002 and has worked in LA, Chicago and New York. Now based in RVA he edits off site from his home studio or on-site at other post facilities. Additional freelance editors, animators, and colorists are added to the projects as needed.

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